pátek 12. července 2013

Book haul (2): June 2013

1. Books Which I Bought

Nothing special this month. Few books.. Let's start!


Les Miserables (Bídníci I and II) by Victor Hugo and The Merchant of Venice (Kupec benátský) by William Shakespeare. They were really cheap - about 2 dollars each. Not bad, don't you think?


One for The Money (Za všechny prachy) by Janet Evanovich, Sapphire Blue (Modrá jako safír) by Kerstin Gier, Mice (Myši) by Gordon Reece and Time Riders (Jezdci časem) by Alex Scarrow. 

2. Books I've won

I was pretty lucky. I won weekend giveaway on publisher's web so I could pick one of the books which was released. And I picked Hollowed (Zasvěcená) by Cynthia Hand. I love that cover!

3. Review copies


The Fallen Angel (Padlý anděl) by Daniel Silva, Requiem (Rekviem) by Lauren Oliver, Origin (Počátek) by Jessica Khoury and Envy (Závist) by Elizabeth Miles. I am really looking forward to read Origin because that cover is amazing. Please, don't laugh while looking at cover of Envy.. I know, it is scary!

And here is my June pick-up

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