neděle 13. července 2014

English camp in Czech aka Crazy Americans experience

I know I am not as active as I wanted to be but I will do better I promise. I miss English so much I want to cry sometimes. So let's talk about my summer experience on English camp with Ameriacn team from California!

It was my fifth camp with Youth group from Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. I absolutely love English camps though. You have opportunity to learn English while talking with native speakers and also getting to know God. It sounds perfect for me! Even though I am not real Christian, I do believe in God and I love evening programmes and evening discussions.

We lived in mobile home near Chotěboř (small city in Central Bohemia). I loved it there. Let's talk about English lessons. My teacher was sweet girl named Jenna, future teacher. Our team was named "Punishing Train" and I loved every minute of it. We talked about money, health and wisdom. It was good, I suppose because I had never chance to talk about money (it's funny because I attented Bussiness Academy, so what the heck?).

Few words about American team. I am really amazed how optimmistic they are. They decided to go to Czech Republic. Can you see it? Americans going to Central Europe. No salary, just teaching English and spreading word about Jesus in this miserable country. I just admire them for coming. I don't know if I would come. Maybe not. Not sure.

I am so sad camp is over because I miss those sunshine Californians. Czech people are not as open and shiny as they are. We are most like pessimistic and not open to strangers. I would love to move on to USA one day because I would love to live that optimmistic life with shiny Americans (sounds crazy, huh)? You know, there are so much more opportunities! And their bookstores! I want to visit Barnes and Noble one day. I found out I love English books much more than Czech ones. So sad.

Mobile home
If you finished to this line, congrats. I know it is such a mess, just few thoughts and memories. But it was worth it. Thanks my lovely Californians for spending time here, in Czech. Thanks Jenna Pinkston for being such a sweetheart and being part of Punishing train. Thanks Austin Gray for being extremely good dancing partner. I am so sad we haven't talked much more than we did. Thanks Katie and Aria and others. Thanks Alyssa for being best roommate ever.

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